MB-330: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management Functional Consultant

Welcome to the MB-330: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management Functional Consultant course! This course is designed to build your foundation in Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management application knowledge.

This course MB-330: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management Functional Consultant will cover the most important features and functionalities needed for functional consultant role on the SCM space

Organizations involved in any form of manufacturing or retail are concerned with the management of goods and services between businesses and locations. This includes the movement and storage of raw materials, inventory as the production process is executed, and the movement of finished goods to points of distribution and consumption. This process is known as Supply Chain Management and is critical to ensuring businesses are aware of how revenue is distributed across resource purchases, how resources are utilized and where waste occurs.

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Course Duration: 5-Days (40-Hour)

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This course has multiple case studies bundled with hands-on exercises. Each case study will cover the most important aspects of what you learned within a given module or group of lessons. The case study artifact will be used to present a scenario and you will be asked what would you do or which functionality would you use to solve this scenario. A brief moderated discussion will take place followed by practicing an exercise relevant to the scenario on your lab environment.

Your instructor will provide you with the lab environment guidance and there is no special lab requirement for this course.

Course Prerequisites

  • Basic understanding for supply chain management and manufacturing terminology
  • Basic understanding of Dynamics 365 finance and operation apps


Module 1: Implement product information management

  • Create and manage products
  • Configure products for supply chain management
  • Manage inventory pricing and costing

Module 2: Implement Inventory Management

  • Configure Inventory Management
  • Manage and process inventory activities

Module 3: Implement and manage Supply Chain processes

  • Implement procurement and sourcing
  • Implement common sales and marketing features
  • Using Microsoft Guides

Module 4: Implement warehouse management and transportation management

  • Configure warehouse management
  • Perform warehouse management processes
  • Implement transportation management

Module 5: Configure and manage quality control and quality management

  • Configure quality control and quality management
  • Manage quality control and management

Module 6: Implement master planning

  • Configure master planning and forecasting
  • Run master plans and manage planned orders
  • Implement additional master planning features

Fees And Schedule

Instructor-Led Training

40-Hour of Instructor-Led Training One to one doubt resolution sessions Microsoft Official Lab Access

Learning Objectives

The objective of this course is to fortify the Dynamics Supply Chain Management Functional Consultant. Upon completion of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 SCM course, the professional is able to analyze various business requirements and translate them into fully realized business processes and solutions that implement industry standard best practices. This course focuses on specializing the consultant with the Supply Chain Management feature set and allows them to strongly partner with architects, developers, administrators, and other stakeholders to develop solutions that meet or exceed organizational needs.


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