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In this blog, we will help you understand a couple of new features added in the KTA 7.8 version. You will learn about quick capture, a browser-based Capture solution that can be easily configured by business users, and Custom Activities. Here you go, enjoy the read on Kofax Total Agility 7.8.

Quick Capture

Quick Capture is a new browser-based designer experience for creating a Capture solution. Basically, it provides an easy to use web interface for users to create a capture solution. These users can be from any background without prior training in Kofax products, just basic windows navigation skills and understanding of documents would be enough. No coding experience required. Quick Capture creates behind the scenes the usual artifacts (forms, Classification and Extraction Groups, workflow, etc.) which can be opened and extended in the richer existing designers.

Quick capture can be accessed via below link,

Main capture features covered under Quick Capture are,
• Only learn-by-example
• Layout and Content both are supported
• Classification Training – Quality Indicators


  • Only learn-by-example
  • Machine print only, handwritten data not covered
  • Anything represented as a key-value pair can be extracted
  • Everything a Trainable Group Locator can do
  • No handprint, no handwriting, no barcodes, no zones, no regex, no script
  • No fuzzy Database matching
  • No tables

Validation & Verification User Operations

1.Document Review


Kofax Total Agility 7.8



Images and csv as downloadable zip

Technical Details

  • Detects bad training data in the classification
    • Quick capture highlights potentially incorrectly sorted training samples
  • Conflict resolution – Detects conflicting extraction training
    • Highlights that a field was trained differently in 2 documents that have an identical layout, which could be a user mistake
  • Learns from very few samples
  • No need to ever define keywords, Quick capture figures them out by itself
  • Ability to classify based on content, not just layout, allowing to classify unstructured documents
  • Extraction learning happens asynchronously in the background with immediate feedback
  • Uses Kofax OmniPage for OCR
  • Creates a Shared Project
  • PDFs are normalized to tiffs to give a consistent experience with the runtime, where an Image processing activity does the same thing
  • “Quick Capture Solution” is a new artifact, like a container that contains the actual TotalAgility artifacts like processes, forms, CG/EG, etc.

Custom Activities

TotalAgility activity palette can now have new custom services created by users. This is a similar experience to creating a business rule providing input and output parameters. The custom service enables us to create custom logic e.g. third-party integrations and make it available for easy use within a process or form by exposing this as an activity or action. Customers may create multiple services and group them together to provide a coherent set of capabilities to access another system or service.

Kofax Total Agility 7.8

A new option is available within Integrations: Custom Service Groups. Users can create Custom Service Groups, these will be used to manage as a group relevant custom services. A category will be automatically created when creating a custom service group. Web Service references and Server variables can be added when creating the group. These are added directly to the new category.

Kofax Total Agility 7.8

A new option for Custom Services is available under Workflow, new browser tab will open and the user can create the custom service in a similar way to a business rule. Within the activity palette, the custom service group will be available within the custom service tab. When the service has selected the inputs and outputs will be displayed similarly to a business rule activity. At runtime, the activity will execute in the same manner as a business rule and when viewing job details a single entry will be recorded in the job history, the user will not be able to drill down into the custom service.

Kofax Total Agility 7.8

System Queries

The custom service group is available as a filter in System Queries so you can get full visibility of the status of these activities More articles will be released on Kofax products, stay tuned, and follow FlexMind. Feel free to get in touch with us here or email at [email protected] for any query related to Kofax and Intelligent Automation. Hope you all will enjoy reading on Kofax Total Agility 7.8.

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