In this self-paced online course, you will learn how to build a static website step-by-step with Hugo. It’s really quick and super easy to build a website like in an hour. We’ll walk you through on how to install and set up Hugo. We’ll walk through many essential features and you would learn how to create a static website from scratch. Also, you will learn how to deploy static generated code to GitHub pages like

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24 Hours of e-learning videos

Lifetime free Upgrade

100% hands-on based

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Who should attend build a static website using Hugo online Course?

Hugo is a free and open-source static site generator that helps you to build a static website in minutes. It’s really fast and easy to learn. It takes care of all the complexities while building and managing a static website and gives you a static site quickly to post and host anywhere. You get all the features that a dynamic site has in a static manner where the output will look like HTML pages.

Hugo community is very active and you don’t need to worry about the layout, or CSS, JavaScript as it provides you hundreds of awesome themes which you just choose and edit the content. Voila!, Your site is up and running in minutes. Having said that, you can actually build an awesome website using Hugo, without even writing a single line of actual code. Isn’t it amazing? So, let’s learn to build a static website step by step using Hugo today!

Also, at the completion of the course, you will get completion certificate as well.

Course Duration: 1.5 hours

Key concepts covered in this Hugo course:

Learn Hugo to Build a Static Website Online Course Syllabus:

Lesson 1: Introduction to the course (2 minutes)

Lesson 2: Introduction to Hugo CMS (3 minutes)

Lesson 3: Hugo Installation (3 minutes)

Lesson 4: Start Hugo server and create a website (3 minutes)

Lesson 5: Adding a theme (3 minutes)

Lesson 6: Updating Configuration Settings (8 minutes)

Lesson 7: Understand Hugo Site Directory Structure (18 minutes)

Lesson 8: Updating Contents (9 minutes)

Lesson 9: Markdown Basics (12 minutes)

Lesson 10: Push local changes online using GitHub (12 minutes)

Lesson 11: Using Custom Domain Name (4 minutes)

Lesson 12: Summary and What’s Next ( 3 minutes)

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