How to get started with Microsoft Fluid Framework Preview

MS Fluid Framework Preview

In this article we will see how to get started with Microsoft fluid framework preview.

Fluid Framework empowers you to collaborate with teams in a more adaptable, flexible, and focused way by breaking down the barriers between apps.
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Let’s Get Started with Microsoft fluid framework preview.

  • Navigate to
  • Click on New from left hand pane
Figure 1
  • If you are opening it first time, click on start collaborating
Figure 2
  • You can add sections by clicking+ sign
Microsoft fluid framework preview
Figure 3
  • In above screen shot, we have added Action Items.
  • We can assign task by simply writing @ person’s name.
  • To view where you have been mentioned, click on at mentions from left pane.
Figure 4

In preview below items are available.

  • Action Items: Keep track of tasks, assignees, and timelines in a table.
  • Mentions: Tag your colleagues using the @ symbol anywhere so they can easily find relevant sections.
  • Tables: Create a table that suits your needs.
  • Dates: Add dates to easily keep track of upcoming deadlines and highlight overdue tasks.
  • Check lists: Tick items off as you complete them.
  • Agendas: Build out collaborative list of meeting agenda items.

Hope you will like this post. Stay tuned with us for more upcoming news and articles on fluid framework.

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