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Azure Architect Quiz

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1. Which of the following elements are mandatory in an Azure Resource Manager (ARM) JSON template?

Which of the following is a high-availability offering that protects your applications  and data from datacenter failures?


As part of business continuity and disaster recovery(BCDR) strategy, which of these scenarios are supported by Azure Site Recovery service?

4. Which of the following is a data orchestration and integration Azure service you can use to schedule and automate extract, transform and load (ETL) workflows to build a set of robust and cohesive data integration units called pipelines?
5. Which of the following service can be used to configure global load balancing based on Domain Name System(DNS) that allows you to control the distribution of user traffic for service endpoints in different data centers?
6. Which of these API is not supported in Azure Cosmos DB?
7. Which of these statement(s) hold true for Azure data lake store?
8. You need to create a storage account that supports uploading virtual hard disk (.VHD) for virtual machines. Which type of blobs should you use to store this data for most optimized performance in Azure storage?
9. Which of the following Azure solutions could be used to deploy a kubernetes cluster to Azure?
10. Which of the following component will help you design Azure SQL to manage the failover of multiple geo-replicated databases simultaneously using an application initiated failover?