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How to use Camera Control and Location in PowerApps

How to use Camera Control and Location in PowerApps

How to use Camera Control and Location in PowerApps

In this blog we will learn how to use Camera control & Location in powerapps. We will see how we can connect bing maps API to show the map in our powerapps screen.

Below video shows the use of camera control and an image holder to capture it. And toggle button to flip the camera view.

We will use a image holder to show the location and a slider to zoom in or zoom out the current location map.

Using Camera Control

First we will see how to use the camera control. Use below control to create camera section .

  • Camera
  • Image
  • Toggle
  • Camera Icon
  • Cancel Icon

We have created two groups, cameraGroup and imageholderGroup as shown in below picture. And placed the control as shown in below picture.

Figure 1

OnStart event of MainScreen we have added below formula. We are creating three variables, one to get the location and other two set the visibility of two groups.

Set(myLocation, BingMaps.GetMap(“CanvasLight”, “15”, Location.Latitude,Location.Longitude));Set(imgVar, “false”);Set(camVar,”true”)

Set the visibility of “cameraGroup” to “camVar” and “imageholderGroup” to “imgVar” as shown below.

Figure 2

Write below formula on select event of Camera Icon

Set(locpic, locationCamera.Stream); Set(imgVar, “true”);Set(camVar, “false”)

Use the toggle control to switch the cameras. Use below formula on the “Camera” function of camera control.


Use Set(camVar, “true”);Set(imgVar, “false”) formula on select event of cancel icon on image holder. Set the image value to “locpic” for image holder control as shown below.

Figure 3

Our camera control is ready after doing above steps.

Using Location to Show Maps

We will use the bing maps API to show the location details in image holder. Create a data connection to use the “BingMaps.GetMap”. From datasources tab we will create a new connection as shown below.

Figure 4
Figure 5

Click on the link and follow the instructions to create an API key provide in above Figure 5. We are using slider controll to zoom in or zoom out the location image. We are using below formula on select event of slider control.

Set(myLocation, BingMaps.GetMap(“CanvasLight”, ImageSlider.Value, Location.Latitude,Location.Longitude))

Let’s discuss about ” BingMaps.GetMap(“CanvasLight”, ImageSlider.Value, Location.Latitude,Location.Longitude) ” in a bit detail. From below screen we can see that BingMaps.GetMap requires imagerySet, zoomLevel, Latitude and Longitude as a mandatory values.

By using Location formula we can find the location of the device. For more details on location formula click on the link.

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