Git Quizzes

git quizzes

It doesn’t matter who you are. If you are associated with the IT/Technology field, sooner or later you will use git in various forms. Either for your code repository or for some notes or to work on open source to make the world better. You would surely need git. We are here to help you through our git quizzes:)

Test your git skills with given git quizzes and see where you stand in terms of git terminology and git commands.

You can also learn git basics from our Free Online self-paced course.

All git quizzes will be listed here.

  1. Git Overview Quiz : Check if you understand the very basics of git
  2. Git Commands Quiz: Save your Repository. Check if you are comfortable with adding, pulling, pushing, cloning etc. when dealing with remote git repository.
  3. Git Commands Quiz: Branching and Merging.This quiz contains questions from git branch, git checkout, git blame, git reset, git switch etc.

You can learn about git through below resources:

  1. git official documentation
  2. Basic git commands from Atlassian
  3. Github repo for most commonly used git commands

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