alibaba cloud academy

Alibaba Cloud Networking Specialty

Cloud networking is a type of infrastructure where network capabilities and resources are available on-demand through hosting on the Alibaba Cloud platform. The Networking Engineer Career Path teaches users the basics of creating a Cloud server and how to set up a range of network scenarios. Improve your ability to make connections on the cloud, earn a professional certificate from …

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Alibaba Cloud Platform Security Overview

Learn about Alibaba Cloud’s security products line and its design strategy. So this course aims to help you better understand the transition from traditional IT infrastructure to cloud infrastructure including current information security best practices and trends. You will get a clear understanding of how to use a cloud platform to reduce security risks.

Alibaba DevOps

Alibaba Cloud – DevOps Specialty

In efforts to improve your e-commerce or online business, you will not only learn the fundamental philosophies of DevOps workflow but also learn about the processes and tools needed to release software faster and more reliably, while obtaining industry-standard certificates boosting your professional cloud credibility.

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