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Canvas App and Model-Driven App

PowerApps allows you to create canvas app and model-driven app. Canvas apps start with your user experience, allowing you to create a highly customizable interface by using various UI controls such as labels, text-input boxes, drop-down lists, media, charts, and so on. Canvas App Canvas apps start with your user experience, crafting a highly customizable interface with the power of …

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Understanding Microsoft PowerApps Licensing

In this blog, Understanding Microsoft PowerApps Licensing you will learn about Microsoft PowerApps Licensing that will help you decide which license is best suited to your business needs. Licensing Overview General purpose, full PowerApps capabilities are licensed on a standalone basis. Additionally, limited PowerApps capabilities are included within various Office 365 and Dynamics 365 licenses. A high-level overview of the …

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Free Exam vouchers for AI-900 and DP-900

In the next month, Microsoft will be running a free full day of virtual training on the certification course AI-900: Azure AI Fundamentals and DP-900: Azure Data Fundamentals. Post attending the virtual events Microsoft will be giving free exam vouchers for these certifications. These vouchers can be used to schedule your AI-900 and DP-900 Exam at the time of your …

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What is Rugged DevOps?

Rugged DevOps is an approach to software development that places a priority on ensuring that code is secure at all stages of the software development lifecycle. Rugged DevOps takes the lean thinking and Agile mindset that DevOps embraces and making sure that security is not a post-development consideration. It brings together the notions of DevOps and Security. Rugged DevOps is …

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What is Microsoft Power Platform?

What is Microsoft Power Platform? It is a low code development software as a service (SaaS) platform which can be used to build an end to end business solutions by connecting Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI and Power Virtual Agents together with Office 365, Dynamics 365, Azure, and hundreds of other apps. The main components of the Power Platform …

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Container Security Tool – Aqua

Container Security Tool – Aqua Security’s MicroScanner lets you check your container images for vulnerabilities. If your image has any known high-severity issue, MicroScanner can fail the image build, making it easy to include as a step in your CI/CD pipeline. Container Security Tool – Aqua provides end-to-end security for applications running on Docker Enterprise Edition or Community Edition, protecting …

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Azure WebApp Auto Healing Policy

Azure WebApp Auto Healing Policy is a feature to auto-heal your service whenever it detects anomaly with the service. Auto-Healing allows you to restart, log, or perform custom actions (action) whenever certain criteria about your App Service are met (trigger), for example, recycling service when slow requests are detected. What is this Auto Healing in Azure? · Most of the …

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Azure DevOps Branching Strategy

Azure DevOps Branching Strategy

Azure DevOps Branching Strategy In this blog Azure DevOps Branching Strategy, you will learn how you should use branching to support multiple releases and patch versions over a period of time. Git branches aren’t much more than a small reference that keeps an exact history of commits, so they are cheap to create. Committing changes to a branch will not …

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Azure DevOps with Slack Approvals

Azure DevOps with Slack Approvals In this blog Azure DevOps with Slack Approvals you will learn about the various integration options that can be used to bring Slack and Azure DevOps closer. Slack is deprecating the Visual Studio Teams Services (VSTS) app from its app store. This app was built by the Slack team a few years ago and provides …

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DevSecOps — GIT Secrets Scanning

DevSecOps — GIT Secrets Scanning Prevents you from committing passwords and other sensitive information to a git repository. git-secrets scans commits, commit messages, and –no-ff merges to prevent adding secrets into your git repositories. If a commit, commit message, or any commit in a –no-ff merge history matches one of your configured prohibited regular expression patterns, then the commit is rejected. git-secrets must be placed somewhere …

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