Hello friends, I am hearing lots of questions related to Python and listing some common questions around the internet.

  1. Why should I learn Python?
  2. Does Python have a future anymore?
  3. Is python still popular? 
  4. How about the job opportunities in the market?
  5. Where actually Python is being used in the present scenario?I mean who uses it these days?
  6. Let’s say If I decided to learn python anyways then from where I should start learning Python?

Well, if you are having any of those questions in your mind then you must read this blog. I would discuss why python is still popular and why you should learn it.

I would cover:

Here is the youtube video where I explained the same thing:

So, What is Python

Let’s understand a brief overview about Python programming.

Why Python is so popular as a programming choice

Where Python stands in terms of popularity, jobs, salary

Here is the Tiobe Index for Python.

tiobe index for python popularity

Well if you are wondering what Tiobe Index is. In short, it is the index which shows the popularity of programming languages. The index is updated monthly.

Github repo for Python

github repo for python

Stackoverflow for Python tag

stackoverflow shown python is popular

Job Lists in India for Python

Python jobs in India

Python would surely fetch you Good Salary

It widely popular in almost every country. Salary may vary but Python Programmers with other hot skills are highly paid engineers anywhere.

python salary index

Where you can use Python

What else is required with Python

Well, Python alone is not going to win you the race. You need a company. It can be any sort of combination like AWS, DevOps and Python or Cloud Security and Python or DevSecOps and Python. Below image shows what skills you need today along with Python.

skills you need with Python for success

Which companies use Python

Is there Python certification

Yes, There is Python Certification available as well with Entry, Associate and Professional level. Here is the link: https://pythoninstitute.org/certification/

Python certifications

How should I start learning Python now

I hope you have got pretty much an idea why still Python is still popular and why you should learn Python. If you have anything to share, please do post a comment.