Before we start, I would like to define RPA. What is RPA (Robotic Process Automation)? RPA is a type of business process automation with the use of software robots (bots). For more details refer to the link. This article will provide an overview of the Power Automate Desktop (Preview).

Introduction – Power Automate Desktop

At Microsoft Ignite, MS announced this product on September 22, 2020. This is a new desktop-based RPA authoring solution. Flexmind already recorded a video for the same.


Follow this link for set up and installation process. Once you follow the set up process, you will able to see a icon on your desktop.

Power Automate Desktop

Sample Application

In our sample application we will create and save an excel document.


Follow below steps to create a sample automation task.

Launch the desktop application and click on New Flow.

Power Automate Desktop
New Flow Screen

Provide flow name and create.

Create Flow
Build Flow

From the Actions pane expand Excel and drag below items.

Power Automate Desktop

Launch Excel: With a blank document
Get the current date and time with the system time zone.
Write to Excel worksheet.

Power Automate Desktop
Worksheet settings

Save Excel.

Power Automate Desktop
Save Excel

The last step is to close the excel with do not save document setting. After performing the above steps, run and save the flow. You will able to see the flow under the UI flows tab.

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