Before I say anything, you click on this link to understand what will happen in this article. This blog will explain how to export custom list view of SharePoint using Canvas APP. Basically this blog is continuation of my previous blog “Get Custom Lists & respective Views using PowerApps Canvas App“.

Let’s go and straight away jump into the solution part of Export Custom List View of SharePoint. Below is the screen of my updated app.

Export Custom List View of SharePoint
Figure 1.

In the above app, I have added four extra labels and an export view button. Each set of labels will store list name & ID and view name & ID respectively.
I have also modified the flow a bit. Basically updated flow screen shot is provide below.

  1. PowerApps Get Lists Flow
  2. We have added “;Name” in the value parameter
  3. By doing above step we are collecting string like “Listname;ListID” in drop down
Get Lists Flow
Figure 2

4. Update Get Views Flow.
5. In this flow also we are storing string like “ViewName;ViewID” in drop down.

Get Views
Figure 3

Updated code for apps are given below.

1. List Name Label


2. List ID Label


3. Fetch View Button


4. View Name Label


5. View ID Label


6. Export View Button


You can refer this link for more details on Split functionality of powerapps.

By incorporating the above changes your App will be capable of exporting a custom list view. Please refer below demo video for more clarity on the App.

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