MS Teams : Error – You don’t have permissions to add app name to this team

What to do when we receive ms teams error ” You don’t have permissions to add app name to this team.” This error appears when we are trying Test and Distribute our custom app/bot in MS Team. When we click on the install button as shown in below picture then this ms teams error appears.

Install Ms Teams
Figure 1

How to Resolve this MS Teams error?

Error picture
Figure 2.

Follow below steps to tackle this error.

  1. Instead of clicking on the install, use download button. Shown in figure 1.
  2. Verify the set up policies on the MS Teams admin center.
  3. Navigate to
  4. Click on the set up policies under Teams Apps as shown in below picture.
Policy Picture
Figure 3.

5. Verify that upload custom apps should be enabled, if not then enable it.

App setting
Figure 4.

6. Once you enable this setting, upload a custom app will be enable/visible in teams client of your system.

Upload picture
Figure 5.

7. Now upload your downloaded app and add to the MS teams.
8. After adding this you will be able to see your custom app.

If any of you know other solution for this error, please share in comment box. Also we are providing training how to manage your Microsoft teams. Please write us at [email protected] to know more about teams and certifications related to this. Click for more information.