Creating Power BI Report in SharePoint Online

In this blog, you will learn how to create & embed a Power BI report in SharePoint Online using SharePoint List as a data source.


We are going to create a Power BI report that will show

  1. A pie chart showing sales distribution by countries
  2. Bar charts showing Sales based on countries, months product sales for different countries


Power BI Report
Power BI Report

We will use 4 different lists to store product sales information.

SharePoint Lists:


Sales Territory

Sales Target

Product Sales


Once data is properly populated, we can go ahead and start designing our report. you should have proper license assigned to your account before you can design, publish & share a Power BI report. you can find licensing details here.

Download Power BI Desktop here.

Get Data

connect to site

Change Column Type




Final Report



Publish Report


Web Report


Embed Report

SharePoint Embed Power BI Report


Congratulations! You have successfully created Power BI report & added it to SharePoint Online. Subscribe to our social channel to stay informed about upcoming blogs!

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