What is Azure Synapse Analytics

Azure Synapse Analytics

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Azure Synapse Analytics is the next generation of Azure SQL dataware house which combined together Big data Analytics, Data warehousing, Data integration and visualization into a single unified service that provides end to end Analytics. It brings a common place for Data Engineers, Data Scientists and Business Analytics to collaborate on enterprise analytics.

Azure Synapse Analytics

Features of Azure Synapse Analytics

Scaling: Data insights across data warehouse and big data analytics systems with blazing speed. In Azure synapse analytics both relational and non-relational data of petabytes will be queried using SQL language.

Unified Experience: It significantly reduces the project development time with a unified experience for developing end-to-end analytics solutions. Azure Synapse Analytics provides unified workspace for data preparation, data warehousing, data management, big data and data visualization. It gives data engineers a code free visual environment for data movement with pipelines.

Real time Analytics: Instant analytics on your business with real time data from operational systems with synapse link. Azure synapse analytics gives an insights to your business with a ease, low cost, cloud-native HTAP implementation using Azure Synapse Link. With a single click it removes the barriers between operational database and Analytical Database. 

Security: Azure synapse analytics have most advance security and privacy features, such as column and row-level security and dynamics data masking. Security features such as automated threat detection and always-on data encryption. 

Powerful insights: With integration with Power BI and machine learning it discovers insights from your data and apply machine learning models. It significantly reduces the project development time by integrating with Power BI and Machine learning models.

Key Integration Service Capabilities

Enterprise Data Warehouse: Build the data warehouse by industry’s top performing SQL engine.

Dive into Data Lake: Bring relational and non-relational data together and easily query files in the data lake.

Integrated Artificial Intelligence and business Intelligence: End-to-end analytics solution with deep integration of Azure Machine Learning and Power BI.

Code Free Data Orchestration: Build ETL/ELT jobs and ingest data from different sources in code free visual environment.

Choice of Language: It gives a flexibility to use your preferred language such as T-SQL, .NET, Scala, Python and Spark SQL whether you use serverless or provisioned compute resources.

Apache Spark and SQL Engines: With integration with Apache spark and SQL Engine it give data professionals more advanced analytics solutions and easily use T-SQL queries on both Data warehouse and Spark engine.

Azure Synapse Analytics is for

Data Engineer: Simplifies and bring multiple source data such as streaming data, transactional data and business data. With code-free visual environment it connects to data sources, ingest, transform and load the data in data warehouse or Data Lake.

Business Analyst: Easily and securely access datasets and use power BI to visualize and create the dashboard within Azure synapse Analytics. Securely share data within organization and outside organization as well with Azure Data Share.

Data Scientist: Help to build the proof of concept in quick time and easily create or adjust end-to-end solutions. Provision of scaling resources as needed to query across massive amounts of data. Give flexibility to work with languages such as .NET, Spark SQL, Scala, Python, R and T-SQL.

Database Administrator: Azure Synapse Analytics expands responsibilities for data warehouse and data lakes to database administrators. Run parallel workloads with ease. Assign resources to critical workloads based on workload importance. 

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