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Microsoft Teams End User Tutorial

Course Name: Microsoft Teams End User Tutorial
Course Duration: 4 hours
Training Mode: Self-Paced

Course Overview

In this course Microsoft Teams End User Tutorial you will learn how to use Microsoft Teams effectively to improve your productivity and collaboration. Teams lets you quickly pull together a team with people inside and outside your organization, chat with others to drive fast and inclusive conversations, securely share and coauthor documents, and iterate on projects.

Course Content

Lesson 1: Introduction to Microsoft Teams

  • Microsoft Teams Overview
  • Teams Licensing overview for End Users
  • Type of users: Internal, External & Guest
  • Switching between organizations

Lesson 2: How  to Setup Teams?

  • What is an Office 365 group?
  • Type of users: Internal, External (Federation) and Guest
  • Types of Teams: Private, Public & Org-wide
  • Go-to guide for team owners
  • Organize your teams list
  • Guidance for setting up teams, channels, and tabs
  • Best practices for organizing teams in Microsoft Teams

Lesson 3: Teams and Channels

  • Overview of teams and channels
  • Favorite and follow channels
  • Work in channels
  • Set up and manage channel moderation
  • Manage tags in Microsoft Teams
  • Communicate with users from other organizations
  • How to send email to a channel

Lesson 4: Posts & Messages

  • Create and format a post
  • Get attention with @mentions
  • Save a post or a message
  • Filter your activity feed
  • Manage notification settings

Lesson 5: Chats, calls & meetings

  • Start chats and make calls
  • Discuss how to start scheduled or ad-hoc meetings
  • Manage meetings
  • Set up and attend live events
  • Communicate with external users
  • Communicate with guest users

Lesson 6: Apps & Tools

  • Add tools with tabs
  • Integration with other Office 365 services – Forms, Power Platform

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