Container Security Tool – Aqua

Container Security Tool – Aqua Security’s MicroScanner lets you check your container images for vulnerabilities. If your image has any known high-severity issue, MicroScanner can fail the image build, making it easy to include as a step in your CI/CD pipeline. Container Security Tool – Aqua provides end-to-end security for applications running on Docker Enterprise Edition or Community Edition, protecting …

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Azure DevOps Branching Strategy

Azure DevOps Branching Strategy

Azure DevOps Branching Strategy In this blog Azure DevOps Branching Strategy, you will learn how you should use branching to support multiple releases and patch versions over a period of time. Git branches aren’t much more than a small reference that keeps an exact history of commits, so they are cheap to create. Committing changes to a branch will not …

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DevSecOps — GIT Secrets Scanning

DevSecOps — GIT Secrets Scanning Prevents you from committing passwords and other sensitive information to a git repository. git-secrets scans commits, commit messages, and –no-ff merges to prevent adding secrets into your git repositories. If a commit, commit message, or any commit in a –no-ff merge history matches one of your configured prohibited regular expression patterns, then the commit is rejected. git-secrets must be placed somewhere …

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DevSecOps & Tools

DevSecOps & Tools In this blog, you will learn about Tools available for DevSecOps. DevSecOps is about introducing security earlier in the life cycle of application development, thus minimizing vulnerabilities and bringing security closer to IT and business objectives. Why DevSecOps is important? IT infrastructure has undergone huge changes in recent years. The shift to dynamic provisioning, shared resources, and …

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