SharePoint 2019 New Features


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SharePoint 2019 New Features

Microsoft announced general availability of SharePoint Server 2019 & Project Server 2019 on 22nd October 2018. Here is a list of new features that has been added to SharePoint Server 2019:

1. Modern Team Sites – Team sites have always been at the center of collaboration with SharePoint. They enable sharing and communication within teams and across organizations. In SharePoint Server 2019, you will find a modern team site experience with an engaging home page personalized by the power of SharePoint search.


2. Modern Pages & Modern WebParts – 
Modern site pages in SharePoint Server 2019 are a great way to share ideas. Modern pages are built with web parts, which can be customized according to customer needs. Just select plus(+) sign and pick a webpart from the toolbox to add content to  your page.

Modern vs classic pages

3. Fast Site Creation – 
 SharePoint Server 2019 allows users to create new sites in few seconds. Fast site creation is supported only for the following site templates a) OneDrive personal site[SPSPERS#10] b) Modern Team site (STS#3) c) Communication site [SITEPAGEPUBLISHING#0]

4. Modern lists & libraries – The new document library and list experience in SharePoint Server 2019 is faster, displays better in mobile browsers, and is easier to use. The new experience supports the themes, navigation, and custom buttons that were created in the classic experience. However, some features can only be used in the classic experience. For more detailed information, see Differences between the new and classic experiences for lists and libraries.

Modern Classic aList


5. Communication sites – Communication site embraces and provides a new generation of the mobile and intelligent intranet allowing users to communicate with people across your organization with dynamic & mobile-ready communication sites and pages.

Communication Site
6. OneDrive for Business – In place of Groove.exe now users can use OneDrive sync client (NGSC – Next Generation Sync Client) to sync files in SharePoint Server 2019 team sites & personal sites with their devices. NGSC supports advanced features such as Files On-Demand, IRM protection, push notification etc.

7. PowerApps & Flow –  SharePoint Server 2019 provides improved support for Microsoft PowerApps & Flow. With Microsoft Flow, it’s easier than before to automate processes without extensive developer resources.

8. SharePoint Framework – SharePoint Server 2019 provides native support for the SharePoint Framework, a page and part model that enables fully supported client-side development with support for open-source tooling. SharePoint Server 2019 will ship with SharePoint Framework version 1.4.1 (except Microsoft Graph APIs)

9. Increased file size support in SharePoint document libraries – SharePoint 2019 supports storing files up to 15 GB in size in document libraries. Previously it was 10 GB in SharePoint Server 2016.

10. SharePoint Mobile –  SharePoint Server 2019 improves the mobility of your access. The SharePoint mobile app lets you take your intranet with you to stay connected & informed while you’re on the go.

11. Modern Search Experience – SharePoint Server 2019 comes with a modern search experience. In the modern search experience, users will see results before they start typing in the search box. The search results page will show an overview of search results, grouped by type. You find modern search boxes on the SharePoint home page, communication sites, and modern team sites.

Modern Search Experienceimage source: Microsoft

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