5 Reasons To Learn Microsoft Power Platform

Learn Microsoft Power Platform

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In this blog you will learn about top 5 Reasons To Learn Microsoft Power Platform and how it can help you boost your career.

What is Microsoft Power Platform?

I am not sure whether you have heard this term Power Platform yet. Let’s demystify this term for you, Microsoft Power Platform is a low-code application platform that includes four Microsoft Products: Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate (previously known as Flow), and Power Virtual Agents which helps an organization achieve its goal of digital transformation. Power platform is very useful in creating an end to end solution for Enterprises without the need to do extensive programming.

Microsoft Power Platform also provides the ability to inject advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities in the designed solutions without the need to design and develop custom machine learning models and write a thousand lines of code. You can learn in detail about the building blocks of Power Platform here

This picture shows the main components of Microsoft Power Platform.

Microsoft Power Platform (Image Source: Microsoft)

1. Low-Code Application Platforms are getting popular

Power Platform is a low-code application platform that can be used by professionals who are from non-developer background referred to as citizen developers. “Who is a citizen developer?” Citizen developers are basically business users having little or no coding experience building applications using development and runtime environments sanctioned by corporate IT.

Citizen developers can use the Graphical User Interface for programming to develop the applications quickly decreasing the effort included in traditional programming.

The best part is that anyone can learn these tools, the formulas used in these platforms are similar to the ones used in Microsoft Excel.

2. Lean and flexible way of working

The Power Platform offers you the highest level of a lean and flexible way of working. Without writing a single line of code you can seamlessly integrate with Cloud and On-Premises data sources including Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, SQL Server, and other products. This enhances the efficiency of an organization. 

You can easily integrate Power Platform products with Azure DevOps that will be helpful in quick application deployment. Mostly development is done by web platform hence you can work from anywhere especially if you in this current COVID-19 situation. By using the power platform, you will provide a flexible and lean solution to your company.

3. Enriched with Artificial Intelligence (AI), Business Intelligence (BI), and ChatBot capabilities

In this digital era, every organization is looking for AI (artificial intelligence) based solutions. Most of the companies having very less information from their huge data source. Here comes Power BI in the picture which will help in creating a data-driven culture with business intelligence. If you see this link, you can figure out on your own why you need to learn Power BI.

On top of AI and BI, Microsoft power virtual agent provides you low code chat bot development environment.

4. You can automate and integrate your work processes effortlessly

Personally, I am a big fan of automation. Hence, I like power automate very much. Power automate boosts business productivity to get more done by giving everyone the ability to automate organizational processes. With the help of the Power Automate you can develop, integrate, and automate your business processes within no time frame. UI flow which is a part of Power automate can help you in automating the processes. Also, you can use AI builder to include AI capabilities such as detecting objects in a picture, sentiment analysis of the sentences within your workflows, extract data from old invoices, etc.

5. Develop Responsive User Interface without any serious programming

Obviously, you can’t think of digitalization if your solution doesn’t support mobile devices. All power platform products can be easily downloaded on our mobile devices and can be used. Power App is one of the most popular development environments for mobile devices. Maybe you can check this link why I am saying so.

Start learning Microsoft Power Platform with one of our recommended courses.

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