Top 5 reasons to learn Cloud Computing

Reasons to learn Cloud Computing

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Hello friends, welcome back. In my previous article, I had explained the basic concepts that you should learn in Cloud Computing. In this article, I will explain 5 reasons why you should learn cloud computing.

Here are the Top 5 reasons to learn Cloud Computing

1) One of the trending technologies at present

Cloud computing is one of the hot cake skills in the market apart from AI/ML, IoT, AR, Container, DevOps, and Cyber Security. You will surely observe that either you are a developer or system admin or whoever in the IT field, you would keep hearing about keywords like serverless architecture, microservices-based solutions, IAM, and so on.

Its a billion-dollar business now in the Cloud Computing domain and it’s predicted to grow exponentially in the next 10 years to become a trillion-dollar business when more and more companies will start using Cloud Native solutions.

Cloud Computing market share

2) Cloud Engineers get higher salary

Who doesn’t want a hike? I guess everyone! But what if I told you that learn Cloud Computing and you would earn more than now in whichever role you are. You just add appropriate Cloud Computing knowledge like cloud security, Cloud DevOps, Cloud Architect in your Linkedin Profile and you would start seeing the magic through your Linkedin messages for many job referrals. 

Here is the image for various job title with median salary (Google Search):

Cloud Computing jobs and salary

3) Ample job opportunities in Cloud Computing domain

Now, I am sure you would definitely ask one question. Ok, I got it. Cloud Computing is in demand and I can even get a handsome salary, but how many such openings are there. Is it demanding at all? Well, Yes. It is in demand and would be for the next 10 years at least. The future is very Cloudy. I just wrote Cloud Computing Job in google search and I got below stats. Imagine the job openings for specific titles like Azure DevOps, AWS Security Architect, AWS consultant, Cloud Engineer, Developer with AWS/Azure knowledge and so. 

Image showing Cloud Computing Jobs via Linkedin

Cloud Computing jobs listing in LinkedIn

Another image showing Cloud Engineer jobs in India and see the amazing result.

Cloud Engineer jobs in India

4) Cloud Computing will remain relevant skills for any kind of IT professionals

I hope you are convinced that Cloud Computing is a hotshot in the market, ample jobs are there and you would also get a handsome salary. But, you still have one question, right? I have no prior knowledge of it and with my past experience can I get a job in the Cloud Computing market? Well, in short, the answer is yes. I know it’s not going to be so easy, but what’s the fun in doing easy things. 

Let’s take one example of Azure developer job opening. Do you think only knowledge of Azure is enough for this job role? Well, the answer is no. You would still need the knowledge of JIRA, git, programming language, Agile, better communication skills, software development skillsets right? But on top of that, if you know how to use your skills in Azure, you will have an edge over other candidates.

See, below the job listings for Cloud Engineer in India. Try to search as per your skills like Cloud network, Cloud DevOps, Cloud Security and so on.

Cloud computing jobs demo

5) An edge in the interview

Now you are aware that you actually can’t skip learning Cloud Computing. Sooner or later you would need either AWS or Azure or GCP skills to add in your resume. Please note that I only mentioned Top 3 Cloud Services providers here. Others are Alibaba Cloud, IBM Cloud, Oracle Cloud, and so on. So, don’t worry and start learning Cloud Computing. The sooner you learn, the better chance you get to stand at the top in the interview. You will have an edge in the interview if you showcase your cloud skills in the interview.

So, in conclusion, these were the 5 reasons why you should learn Cloud Computing. Even Flexmind can help you to learn Azure, AWS, etc with their listed online courses. For more details contact Flexmind at [email protected]


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Don’t forget to like, share and comment what you think about the cloud computing future and job opportunities.

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Mark Chai
Mark Chai
1 year ago

Good to see these helpful information here,Thanks lot for sharing them with us.