PowerApps Getting Started

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PowerApps Getting Started

What is Microsoft PowerApps?

PowerApps is a service for building and using custom business apps that connect to your data and work across the web and mobile. At the time of writing this blog, PowerApps is available only in Office 365. PowerApps can be used to fetch/store date to an array of data sources.

What can I do with PowerApps?

Microsoft PowerApps can be used to

  1. Customize browser based SharePoint List Forms
  2. Create apps that can run on Windows, iOS, Android under the native PowerApps app.

Customize browser based SharePoint List Forms

PowerApps can be used to customize modern list forms in SharePoint Online. To customize SharePoint list form open modern list and select customize forms under PowerApps. Please remember that PowerApps option is not available under classic list.

When you click on customize forms you will be redirected to https://create.powerapps.com/studio/ , here you will get a screen where you can design your form.


You can use formulas to show/hide controls based on conditions. Right pane can be used to update properties of form & individual controls. Press F5 to run the for, once the form has been customized you can click on File tab below Back to SharePoint link on the top left corner and publish it.

Once published, this form will become available to end users.


Delete PowerApps Form

If you want to delete PowerApps customization & revert back to default list form then go to List settings → Form settings and select “Use the default SharePoint form” and click Ok.

Build Apps

To create application using PowerApps, you will have to download PowerApps studio or navigate to https://web.powerapps.com/ . you can use both of these options to create your application.There are several templates to get started but for this example we will use the option Blank app → Phone Layout. You will create a basic application which displays Hello User message to logged in user.

1. Open PowerApps studio or go to https://create.powerapps.com

2. Insert a Label control.

3. Select label control and provide value for text properties using formula.


4. Press F5 to run the app and check the values.

When you are done with developing & testing application then you can publish it. Once published, it will become available PowerApps native app on various devices.



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