Power Automate Desktop Course


This is a beginner module for the Power Automate desktop course. In this course, we will achieve the below objectives.
• Get started with Power Automate Desktop by learning about flows, creating automated steps, and flow development essentials.
• Work with Power Automate Desktop options, flows, recording features, conditions, loops, variables, images, and error and exception handling.


This power automate desktop course assumes you have already acquired the following skills and experience:
• Power Automate Desktop should be installed.
• Basic familiarity with the Power Automate Desktop console and flow designer.

In this Power Automate Desktop Course, we’ll learn how to use Microsoft Power Automate Desktop to automate an application without code. We’ll even learn how to visually test it too.

Course Duration: 1 Day
Training Mode: Instruc
tor-Led Online (On-Demand)

Fee: Contact Us

This will be a 100% hands-on course. Either you can bring your own machine with required configuration or we will provide you access to the cloud hosted labs.

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