OWASP Top 10: Injection Quiz

Owasp Injection Quiz

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OWASP Top 10: Injection Quiz

Injection quiz

For any Web Security folks OWASP is the first halt for any information. Be it OWASP Top 10, Security Testing Guide for Pentesters , Code Review Guide for AppSec engineers, ASVS and various OWASP projects. You can play this OWASP Top 10 Injection quiz which you can use for your self-assessment of understanding for OWASP Top 10: A1 which is Injection. This quiz covers very basics of various types of injections older and newer as well according to OWASP top 10 2017. I am sure you will enjoy the questions and we would love to hear your feedback.

This Injection quiz has 10 questions only and you would get 10 minutes to solve all the questions. 70% is the passmark for this quiz. Test yourself, if you can cross 70% score.

If you find any issue in the quiz, please mail us at [email protected]
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Priyanka Nigam
Priyanka Nigam
2 years ago

Thank u for these answers.

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