Kofax TotalAgility 7 Training

Course Name: Kofax TotalAgility 7 Training
Course Duration: 5 days (40 hours)
Course Fee: Contact Us
Training Mode: On-Demand

Overview of Kofax, Inc. and Kofax TotalAgility 7

Introduction to Kofax, Inc.
What is Kofax TotalAgility 7?
Platform Concept
Single Platform for Smart Process Applications (SPA)
Business Process Management
Dynamic Case Management
DEMO: Smart Process Application (process oriented)
Single Platform for Multi-Channel Capture (MCC)
Mobility Services
Capture Services
Transformation Services
Awareness and Collaboration Services
Analytics & Business Intelligence Services
Data Integration Services

Kofax TotalAgility Architecture

Kofax TotalAgility Designer
Process Designer
Form Designer
Kofax TotalAgility Workspace
Kofax TotalAgility 7 Software as a Service (SaaS)
Licensing Overview

Case and Process Design Mapping (SPA)

Working with the Kofax TotalAgility 7 User Interface
Case and Process Design Components, Configuration, Implementation
Different Types of business processes (Embedded, New job, Sub Job) and difference between them.
Activities: Common, Capture, Microsoft, CMIS, HP TRIM, Script, Other
Simple Business Process Management (BPM) Scenario
Simple Case Management Scenario
Importing and Exporting Maps
Dynamic resources/Resource management
Saving and Releasing Maps
Loan Application Use Case Scenario
DEMO: Creating a Loan Application Case Process
LAB: Creating a Loan Application Case Process

Branching Rules and Business Rules (SPA)

Branching Rules
Business Rules

Notifications and Document Creation (SPA)

Activity and Email Notifications
Document Creation
DEMO: Email Notification and Document Creating
LAB: Email Notification and Document Creating

Creating a Site and Building Forms (SPA)

Creating a Site
Building the Logon Form

Formatting Sites, Navigation, and Security (SPA)

Formatting Sites
Site Navigation
Menu Security

Document Capture Concepts (MCC)

Classification, Separation, Extraction
Page Registration
Image Clean-Up
Recognition & Extraction Capabilities

Creating a Capture Enabled Process (MCC)

Defining a Folder Type/Variable
Defining an Extraction Group
Defining a Classification Group
Configuring a Classification Activity
Configuring a Document Review Activity
Configuring an Extraction Activity
Configuring a Validation Activity
Configuring a Loop Activity
Configuring an Expression Activity

Configuring Capture in Kofax Transformation Designer (MCC)

Setting Up Classification, Document Separation, and Document Test Set
Train for Classification
Setting Up Locators, Fields, and Document Test Set
Testing Extraction

Building the Forms for the Capture Enabled Process (MCC)

Folder Form
Document Form
Scan Create New Job Form
Take Activity Form/Work queue from
Using custom ASPX pages within a form and as external form

Configuring Other Capture Services

• Input Methods (MCC)
Folders, Email, FAX
Multi-Functional Peripherals (MFPs)
MFP Emulation
Mobile Devices

More to Learn About Kofax TotalAgility 7

Durations and Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and Costs
Debugging techniques for Process Maps/Case Fragments
Events, Sync Activity, Preconditions, Triggers, Exceptions and Exception handling at Process, Site and System level.
Reporting and Monitoring
Scripts, .NET Activities, Expressions, Web Services
Customizing Forms, Form Validation, Events and Actions, Form Controls
Calculation and Display Rules
Form Import and Export, Case Inbox, Ad Hoc Fragments
Capture Related Topics “Classification, Document Separation, Extraction, Validation
Helper classes and other common Kofax DLL’s
Server side and client side scripting options
Session Management with KTA

Configure a Separation Profile and Folder Type

Data Designer Module
Separation Profiles
Document and Folder Level Separation
Modify a Separation Profile – Separate by Folder

Configure a Classification Group to have Multiple Extraction Groups

Classification Group
Modify a Classification Group to include Multiple Extraction Groups


What are Formatters?
Kofax TotalAgility Designer
When Does Formatting Take Place?
Configure Field Formatters
Transformation Designer Formatters
When Does Formatting Take Place?
Configure Field Formatters
Test Formatters


What is Validation?
Kofax TotalAgility Designer
Configure Field Validation
Standard, Regular Expression
Test Validation

User Verification

What is User Verification?
Kofax TotalAgility Designer
Add a Verification Node
Configure Field Verification
Confirmation and Double Keying
Test Verification

Export Extracted Data

Using the Data Access node to Integrate with an External SQL Server Database
Use Export Connectors and the Export node
Export Documents as Images
Test Exporting Data

Pass Extracted Data to Downstream Line of Business Process

What is a Line of Business Process?
Initialization Variables in Downstream Process
Using GetDocument .NET Method to Access Extracted Field Data
Map Initialization Variables in the Create New Job node
Test Passing Data to Downstream Process

Handle Trailing Documents

What are Trailing Documents?
Multiple Sources for Trailing Documents Delivery
Creating a Handler Process to Handle Trailing Documents
Identify a Live Case/Job for a Trailing Document
Raising Process Events
Moving Trailing Document into Live Case/Job Folder
Test the Trailing Documents Process

Folder Validation

Configure Folder Validation
Test Folder Validation
Advanced Folder Validation using Business Rules

Advanced Processing

Create a Validation Activity for each Sub Folder
Test Validation

Content Classification

Configure Content Classification
Instruction Based Classification
Test Content and Instruction Based Classification

Trainable Document Separation

Configure Trainable Document Separation (TDS)
Test Configure Trainable Document Separation

Certification and Testing

Certification Requirements
The Certification Exam
Taking the Exam
Receiving your Certificate

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