Kofax Insight – Integration with other Kofax Products

Kofax Insight – Integration with other Kofax Products

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In this blog, we will help you understand the basics of Kofax Insight & different Kofax products which can be integrated with Kofax Insight. You will learn about out of the box analytics dashboards availability for Kofax products. And how these reports help businesses make decisions and improvement on their platforms. Towards the end of the article, you will get information about how you can customize these reports in a case out of the box reports are not sufficient for complex business requirements.  Here you go, enjoy the read.

Kofax Insight

Kofax Insight is an enterprise class business intelligence tool that provides companies to deploy browser based BI reporting capabilities in comparatively less time than other market leading BI tools. Insight platform is full of advanced BI reporting features and everything is drag and drop on the platform, no coding experience is required to work on reports. It also has process intelligence capabilities, which enables clients to understand the data in context to the business process to which it is related. Operational efficiency can be easily mined, especially in environments where compliance risks and SLA breaches are important to the process, process intelligence could play an important role to mitigate the associated risks.

It is a browser-based system that runs on HTML5/JavaScript supported browsers. The server components are built on the Microsoft .NET Framework and run on Windows (64-bit)/IIS servers. Kofax Insight can be deployed in a single-tenant or multi-tenant mode. The following diagram displays the architecture of Insight deployed in a single-tenant mode.

Kofax Insight & Products

Different components of Kofax Insight


More on this later, this is the user interface part of reporting.

Kofax Insight & Products

Insight Studio

Used to integrate data from various enterprise systems and define metrics and business processes.

Kofax Insight & Products

Administration Console

Used to configure authentication and authorization, define user roles and permissions, and define user filters.

Kofax Insight & Products

Data Loader

Used for run-time operations to load data from different data sources.

Different terminologies

Different terminologies, commonly used on Kofax Insight Platform,

  • A dashboard is the main element within Kofax Insight for viewing transaction and performance data.  They consist of views and components and are configurable
  • A view is like a page in the dashboard and can contain multiple components
  • Components add different functions to the dashboard.  For example, charts, grids, images, filters, menus, or links to external webpages can be added
  • Records represent the business-level facts, transactions, or changes in the data. Through the use of records, Kofax Insight allows users to specify and aggregate the necessary fields and data-points of a specific business event drawn from one or more database tables. Records may then be used to calculate metrics
  • A Metric is a value that shows a particular aspect of the enterprise’s operations
  • Dimensions are fields that define and determine how a user can drill down or break down a metric

Compatibility with different products

Kofax insight is compatible with different other products offered by Kofax and packaged projects are offered, on top of which report customizations can be easily achieved. Out of the box reporting projects available with each bigger enterprise Kofax product. These projects help you track data through the workflow, analyze the effectiveness of the processes and resources, and address business problems. These views include a variety of visual and analytical representations of data using charts, grids, pivot tables, and reports. System administrators, business process managers, and other stakeholders use this interface to gain visibility into analytical information. For example, Insight projects for most common reporting use cases and requirements are available for below Kofax products. On right side analytics project name or description is mentioned,

  • Capture(KC and KTM) – Kofax Analytics for Capture
  • Total Agility – Kofax Insight for Total Agility
  • RPA – Kofax Insight for RPA
  • MarkView – Kofax Insight for MarkView
  • ReadSoft – Kofax Insight for ReadSoft

At times, reports provided with the product may not be sufficient for business requirements, and in those situations, the Insight Studio module can be used for any customized reports. More articles will be released on Kofax products, stay tuned, and follow FlexMind. Feel free to get in touch with us here or email at [email protected] for any query related Kofax and Intelligent Automation.

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