JavaScript Essentials

Course Description

This course JavaScript Essentials covers running a vanilla JS on Browser. Here you will learn basic to Intermediate level of Javascript programming. We have designed the course structure in such a way that it would be helpful for beginners as well as experienced professionals.

After completion of this course you will be able to create dynamic web pages, binding any event listeners like button click, mouse over and out, keyboard key restriction, Form validation etc.

During this tutorial , we will be covering coding style, hidden features in Javascript, how you will think and apply your logic.


  • Basic knowledge of a language we will cover: Javascript, Html, Css
  • Experience in HTML, CSS will be helpful


  • Developers
  • Student

What You Will Learn in JavaScript Essentials Course

  • Basic concept of Javascript Essentials
  • Various programs using looping, String, Date, etc.
  • Array functions and Programs
  • How to add content dynamically
  • Dom Manipulation
  • Error Handling


The course will cover many hidden features, which will be real-time project usage. You will be able to begin developing a dynamic manipulation on HTML and CSS. This course will also help you to apply perfect logic, Code style, Code Optimization, etc.

Module 1 – Introduction 

  • Basic Introduction
  • Script Tag
  • Hello World Program
  • Editor Options
  • Developer Console

Module 2 : Basic fundamentals

  • Variables
  • Data Types
  • Type Conversions
  • alert, prompt, confirm
  • Operators
  • Comparisons
  • If else, Ternary Operator (?)
  • Switch Statement
  • Looping Statement
  • Break and Continue
  • Various way to define functions
  • Coding Guides

Module 3 : JavaScript Programs

  • Power of two input number
  • Number is Prime or not
  • Prime number between the range
  • Reverse Number
  • Sum of Digits
  • Factorial (Using Loop & Recursion)
  • Pyramid Programs

Module 4 : Objects

  • Introduction and Declaration
  • Object Method and Use of this
  • Object Keys, Object Values
  • Object Constructors & Destructuring
  • Loops

Module 5 : Array Fundamentals

  • Declaration
  • For Loop(Array)
  • Array functions

Module 6 : String Fundamentals

  • Declaration
  • For Loops (String)
  • String functions

Module 7: Date Fundamentals

  • Declaration
  • Date functions
  • Custom Date Program
  • Time Ago program

Module 8 : Math Fundamentals

  • Declaration
  • Math functions

Module 9 : DOM Fundamentals

  • DOM basics
  • DOM Selector
  • DOM Selector and Traversal
  • Dynamically Add/Modify/Remove
  • Add element After and Before
  • Event Listener
  • Event Propagation

Module 10 : Errors and Exception Handling

  • Javascript Errors
  • try…catch…finally
  • throw Method
  • onerror() Method

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