How to Create Topics in Power Virtual Agents?

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How to Create Topics in Power Virtual Agents?

Hope you all enjoyed my last blog regarding introduction of Power Virtual agents. In this blog we will see How to Create Topics in Power Virtual Agents.
Basically topic is a conversation path with the bot for a specific customer intent. We specify a trigger phrase that prompts the bot to start the conversation. Then create a conversation path in Power Virtual Agents’s conversation editor to lead customers to a resolution of their support issue. For more details refer link.

Create custom topics for the bot

To create the custom topic for our bot

1. Select Topics from the left pane of Power Virtual Agents page.

Figure 1

2. Click on new topic and enter the Name, description and Trigger phrases. Trigger phrases are the basically the set of chat starting statements.

Figure 2
Figure 3

3. Click on the Go to authoring canvas, using this screen we can design the user and bot interaction. In this example, we are creating Flexmind training topic. This topic will help to interact with users by answering there queries related Certifications. After trigger phases add a ask question block and enter the questions.

Figure 4

4. Each question will add a separate block.

Figure 5

For each block we can write a separate action or further expected input from user. This depend on your vast imagination of how and what an user can ask. For example you can if user response is Microsoft certification then bot will respond with the information link. By Following above steps we can create topics in Power Virtual agents. You can use the below bot to test the same.

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