How to create a UI Flow in Power Automate

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How to create a UI Flow in Power Automate

Hello there, hope you are doing good. In this blog you will learn How to create a UI Flow in Power Automate!! You must have heard about Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Basically RPA is technology which helps us to automate our day to day business processes or activities with the help of computer software, or a “”Robot”.

With the help of UI Flows which is a part of Power Automate we can emulate and integrate the actions of a human interacting within digital systems to execute a business process. For more information on Power Automate refer link. Today we will see how we can get started with UI Flows. We will also look into the tools needed to develop this.

Install UI flows on your device

  1. Download the UI flows installer.
  2. Open the Setup.Microsoft.Flow.UIflow.exe file. This file is likely in your Downloads folder after you downloaded it in the previous step.
  3. Follow the instructions in the UI flows (preview) setup installer to complete the installation.
  4. Activate the UI flows extension. For Microsoft Edge (Chromium), navigate to edge://extensions or for Google Chrome, navigate to chrome://extensions
Figure 1.

Install Selenium IDE

  1. Download and install the Selenium IDE for the next version of Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome.
  2. On Microsoft Edge (Chromium), select Allow extensions from other stores, and then select Add to Chrome.
Figure 2.

Create UI Flows under Power Automate

Now we will create UI flows under power automate. Login into the power automate and navigate to My Flows. Under My Flows you will be able to see UI Flows (Preview) tab. Click on that and then on the new icon. You will see like below picture.

Figure 3.

Today we will create Web app UI flow to send an email. Click on the Web app section and then click on next button. After clicking on next button, you will be redirected to below screen.

Figure 4.

Now pass the value for Flow name and Base URL. In my case base url is Because I am using my O365 email to send a mail. Click on launch recorder to record the steps.

Figure 5.

Click the REC button of Selenium IDE window. As soon as you click on REC button it will open the outlook web page. It will start recording whatever steps we perform in that page. My Steps are below.
1. Click new message
2. Enter value in To field.
3. Add a subject and body
4. Click on send button
5. Close the web page

Once you are done with above steps, stop recording and save the file. File will be saved under UI Flows.

Figure 6.
Figure 7.

Run your UI Flow

You can test your UI Flow from selenium editor. But now we will call or run our UI from an automated flow. Before that we need to install and configure on premise gateway on our machine. Follow this documentation for the same. Go through this link to run or schedule your flow.

In a similar way we can Desktop app to automate our day to day tasks. like filling up a daily excel sheet and storing in a regular location.Hope you enjoyed this post. Please share and subscribe our site for more interesting topics. You can view our past blogs here.

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Sowmiya Jothimani
3 years ago

Can we use UI Flow for Sharepoint web app automations? Is it possible?

Ranjan Pandey
3 years ago

Hi Sowmiya,

What kind of automation are you looking for that cannot be achieved using SharePoint standard API and needs to be done using a UI Flow.


1 year ago

hi I need Automate the data download from SAP to excel to do that?

Last edited 1 year ago by prasanna
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