How to add Power Apps Canvas apps to Microsoft Teams

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How to add Power apps Canvas Apps to Microsoft Teams

Hi everyone in this blog you will learn How to add Power Apps Canvas apps to Microsoft Teams. We will also call a chat bot developed in power virtual agent through app. Follow below steps to add Canvas Apps to Microsoft Teams.

  1. Create Bot with PVA (Power Virtual Agent)
  2. Canvas app to launch chat bot
  3. Add canvas app to MS Teams

Create Bot using Power Virtual Agent

I hope you all would have come across Microsoft’s Power Virtual Agent. If not please follow this link to start with. Here I will not discuss about how to create a Bot because we have already covered this in our earlier blog. Once you are ready with your bot now we can proceed to next step.

Develop Canvas App to Launch Chat Bot

  1. Navigate to Power Apps and create a canvas app.
  2. Add a button to the app. Here in my case I have added “Chat with Bot” button.
  3. OnSelect write Launch(“”)
canvas apps demo
Figure 1

You can get this link by following below steps

  1. Navigate to Power Virtual Agent site.
  2. Click on channels under Manage tab.
  3. Copy link from “Share Your Website”
Power virtual agent demo website
Figure 2

Add Canvas App to Microsoft Teams

  • Login to your MS Teams via web link.
  • Select the channel and click on plus (+) icon
MS teams ribbon
Figure 3
  • Add a tab > Click on PowerApps
Add powerapps from ms teams
Figure 4
  • Select the desired canvas app
Canvas app in MS teams
Figure 5

Now you will able to see the tab under your channel.

Chat bot button view from MS teams
Figure 6

When you will click on the Chat with Bot button, it will open a chat in a web browser like below.

Chat Bot example
Figure 7

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Please refer below Microsoft official sites which can be helpful to understand this article.

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