Git Commands Quiz: Save your repository

git commands quiz

Posted By : Sanjeev Jaiswal

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You can play this quiz if you want to test your basic git commands. This quiz is the first step for testing your skills based on your git experience. Although it is about saving your repo, so you can expect questions only from git add, git commit, git push, git clone, git diff, git status etc. which are good to start with your git repo.

This git overview quiz has 10 questions only and you would get 10 minutes to solve all the questions. 70% is the passmark for this quiz by keeping in mind that you would need really good hands-on in git commands even it start with basics of it.

If you find any issue in the quiz, please mail us at [email protected]
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2 years ago

Where is the quiz question

Lessly Enume Sakah
Lessly Enume Sakah
2 years ago

How do I see the questions I didn’t pass?