What is the future scope of Cloud Computing

future of cloud computing

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Well, it’s a common question these days that 

  1. What is Cloud Computing
  2. Do I need to learn Cloud Computing
  3. What are various jobs available in the Cloud domain
  4. What is the future scope of Cloud Computing

I have already covered the first 2 questions in the past. I will cover the 4th question in this topic today.

Now you know that not only individuals or people with personal interest are learning and implementing Cloud Computing. It is even large enterprises, also government organizations, are migrating to Cloud. 

The reason is but obvious, no upfront investment, go global in minutes, durable, always available, Disaster Recovery in the plan. It means concentrate on what is your niche, leave the rest to Cloud Service providers, even networking, firewall, data security, application deployment, logging & monitoring, and so on.

Let’s see the history to understand and predict the Future?

Cloud Computing is actually not a new technology. It dates back to the 70s and 80s. However, notably, it started with the popularity of Hotmail in 1996. It was way back in 2002 when Amazon Web Services started its Cloud services starting with DNS and Data Storage. Even you started using Cloud services like Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, google photos, buying books, etc. Since then it has never looked back. Search for Cloud Computing in google trends and see what it shows for the last 15 years. It started to rise in 2006 and never stopped so far. 

cloud service providers

Now all major players in this Cloud game. Be it Microsoft, Amazon, Oracle, IBM, VMware, Salesforce, Adobe, Dropbox, Zoho, Greenhouse, Workday, Netflix, and so on. According to Google’s executive chairman Eric Schmidt, “The future of the cloud is of universal concern. Cloud adoption will soon become not a subject of debate but a matter of fact – and that IT departments should embrace the change. Today, moving to the cloud is not a questionable proposition – it’s inevitable.”

The reasons which predict that Cloud Computing is the future

I have already covered the points below in my previous article so just briefing it here. 

  1. The choice of the combination of Cloud Computing Deployment Models is making it feasible for small and big companies to try for Cloud Adoption.
  2. Cloud Computing Service Models make it possible to do any kind of business with less effort, infrastructure, and manpower.
  3. Cloud will become more secure and reliable in the future and it is maturing day by day. AWS, Azure, GCP, etc are making sure that it is mostly secured by default and providing lots of cloud-native in-build security mechanisms to deploy in just one click. Like Azure Security Center, Azure Sentinel, AWS GuardDuty, AWS Security Hub, etc.
  4. It’s already a billion-dollar technology and will touch the trillion-dollar economy in the next 10 years.
cloud market billion dollars

So, the future adoption of Cloud Computing by more and more organizations is not a dream anymore. It’s actually happening. . Although it will evolve like other technologies, core features would be the same and the learning curve would be easier if you start at the beginning. 


Cloud Computing provides a competitive advantage to organizations by enabling them to be more efficient, available, profitable, and secure. The future is really Cloudy. So, when you are starting your journey in Cloud?

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Nency Kundra
Nency Kundra
2 years ago

Thank you so much for sharing. I think Cloud computing makes it easy to use servers, databases, storage, and a wide-ranging set of application facilities over the Internet. I have found it extremely helpful. It’s an informative guide, keep sharing!

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