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Hello everyone !!
Hope you all liked my earlier blogs on PAD. Today we will explore folder action in PAD. While automating tasks, most of the time we come across folders. Let’s see how we can use folder action in power automate desktop.

The folder node of PAD consists of the below actions.
1. Get files in folder
2. Get subfolders in folder
3. Create folder
4. Delete folder
5. Empty folder
6. Copy folder
7. Move folder
8. Rename folder
9. Get special folder

Folder Action in PAD
Folder Actions in PAD

In today’s series we will see the first four folder actions one by one.

Get files

This action retrieve the list of files in a folder.

Folder Action in PAD
Get files in folder
Folder Action in PAD

In above example, I am retrieving all the files inside PAD_Folder_Test. Here we are using the default settings as it is.

Folder Action in PAD

Get subfolders

Retrieves the list of all subfolders in a folder. It is very similar to get files action. Both actions retrieve the lists of subfolders and files respectively.

Folder Action in PAD
Folder Action in PAD

We can see from the above example that I am retrieving all the subfolders. I am using the below-given screenshot for my demonstration purpose. We will keep the get subfolder action’s settings as it is, the default setting.

Folder Action in PAD

Create folder

As name clearly says, it is used to create a new folder. Many of the times, we need to create folders while automating a task. If you have any specific requirement using create folder, please tell us in the comment section. We will be happy to help you.

Delete folder

The last action of the day is to delete a folder that is used to delete a folder. Similar to folder creation, deletion is also required quite a number of times. For any particular scenario, let us know using the comment box.

Hope you will like this article, share it, and subscribe to our site for more blog posts. Also, you can suggest topics in the comment section which you see in the future. We will discuss other actions in our next series of folder action in PAD, hence stay tuned.

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