DevOps/DevSecOps Quizzes

DevOps and DevSecOps both are hot cake in the market and if you learning DevOps or DevSecOps for knowledge, job hunt etc. then you would need to assess your DevOps, DevSecOps understandings. These DevOps quizzes would give you a better way to test your Overall DevOps knowledge but i.e. CICD pipeline, Docker, Ansible, Terraform, Kubernetes, Build Tools etc. It consists mostly real world scenario based practical questions. Having said that, if you want to learn anything in DevOps or DevSecOps domain, we are here to help you ?

You can test your DevOps and DevSecOps skills with given different quizzes and see where you stand in terms of technical and practical knowledge.

All DevOps/DevSecOps quizzes will be listed here.

  1. Kubernetes Overview Quiz
  2. Docker Overview Quiz
  3. Docker Security Quiz Part I
  4. Docker Security Quiz Part 2

You can learn about DevOps/DevSecOps from below resources:

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