PL-900: Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals

Course: PL-900: Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals
Course Duration: 24 hours
Course Fee: INR 16,999 INR 13,499
Training Mode: Instructor-Led Online Training
Next weekend batch (Saturday/Sunday):

Module 1: Describe the value of Power Platform applications
• Analyze data by using Power BI
• Act with Power Apps
• Build solutions that use Common Data Service (CDS)
• Automate with Microsoft Flow
• Interoperate with external systems and data

Module 2: Describe the value of connecting business solutions
• Dynamics 365
• Microsoft 365
• Microsoft Azure
• third-party services and apps

Module 3: Understand Power Platform administration and security
• understand how Power Platform implements security
• understand Power Platform as a service
• describe how to manage apps and users
• describe admin centers
• understand how the platform supports compliance

Module 4: Understand Common Data Services
• user experience vs unique job role using Power Apps
• identify entities, fields, and relationships
• describe environments
• describe use cases and limitations of Business process flows
• describe use cases and limitations of business rules
• describe the Common Data Model (CDM)
• identify common standard entities

Module 5: Understand Connectors
• describe uses for and types of triggers
• describe actions • describe connectors
• identify use cases for custom connectors

Module 6: Understand AI Builder
• identify the business value of AI Builder
• describe models
• consumption by the Power Platform

Module 7: Understand common components in Power BI
• identify and describe uses for visualization controls
• describe types of filters
• describe Tabs
• custom visuals
• compare and contrast dashboards and workspaces
• compare and contrast Power BI Desktop and Power BI Service

Module 8: Connect to and consume data
• combine multiple data sources
• clean and transform data
• describe and implement aggregate functions
• identify available types of data sources
• describe and consume shared datasets and template apps

Module 9: Build a basic dashboard using Power BI
• design a Power BI dashboard
• design data layout and mapping
• publish and share reports and dashboards

Module 10: Understand common components in Power Apps
• describe canvas apps
• describe model-driven apps
• identify and describe controls
• understand uses for templates
• understand use cases for formulas

Module 11: Build a basic canvas app
• connect to data
• use controls to design the user experience
• describe the customer journey
• publish and share an app

Module 12: Understand Power Apps portals
• describe use case for and the business value of portals
• describe how to extend CDS data, use controls, and embed Power BI objects

Module 13: Understand the common components of Microsoft Flow
• flow types
• templates
• connectors
• triggers
• conditions
• expressions
• approvals

Module 14: Build a basic flow
• create a business process flow
• implement a Microsoft Flow template
• modify a flow
• run a flow
• export a flow to Logic Apps

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