Microsoft Teams End User Tutorial

Course Name: Microsoft Teams End User Tutorial
Course Duration: 4 hours
Training Mode: Self-Paced

Course Overview

In this course you will learn how to use Microsoft Teams effectively to improve your productivity and collaboration. Teams lets you quickly pull together a team with people inside and outside your organization, chat with others to drive fast and inclusive conversations, securely share and coauthor documents, and iterate on projects.

Course Content

Module 1: Getting Started with Microsoft Teams

  • Create Teams and Add Members
  • Create an org-wide team in Teams
  • Add Team Members Outside of Your Organization
  • Join a Team
  • Channels and How to Create Them
  • Overview of private channels
  • Manage teams and channel policies
  • Sensitivity labels for Teams
  • Manage messaging policies
  • Manage tags in Teams
  • Assign team owners and members
  • Overview of dynamic membership for Teams
  • What is the difference between a private and public channel
  • Persistent Chat and Private Messaging
  • Team Conversations
  • Use Emoji, GIFs and Memes
  • Delete Teams, Channels and Conversations
  • Lab 1: Create your first team and channels
  • Lab 2: Add members to Teams

Module 2: Use Search and Customize Your Team

  • Customize Channel Tabs
  • Use Apps, Bots and Connectors
  • Search in Teams
  • Manage apps for Teams
  • Keyboard Shortcuts

Module 3: Team Meetings

  • Video and Voice Calling
  • Schedule a Teams Meeting
  • Manage meeting settings
  • Audio conferencing in Teams
  • Communicate with users from other organizations
  • Authorize guest access in Teams
  • Join a Teams Meeting
  • Share Content
  • Record a Meeting

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