Microsoft 365 Developer Training

Microsoft 365 Developer Training

Course Duration: 5 days (40 hours)
Training Mode: On Demand

Module 1: SharePoint Administration (Demo and Lab)

  • SharePoint Admin center
  • Office 365 Groups
  • SharePoint Online administrator – managing sites, site groups, and users.
  • PowerShell against a tenant.
  • Microsoft Teams
  • OneDrive for Business

Module 2: Configuring SharePoint Online
In this module, students learn how to plan a SharePoint Online implementation that reflects the customer’s needs and then create site collections that reflect those requirements. This module then covers the process of external user sharing with SharePoint Online and describes how this arrangement helps organizations share information more effectively.


  • Manage SharePoint Site Collections
  • Configure External User Sharing
  • Plan a Collaboration Solution

Lab: Configuring SharePoint Online

  • Create SharePoint Site Collections
  • Configure External User Sharing
  • Configure Social and Collaboration Features

Module 3: Introducing Apps for SharePoint

This module introduces the SharePoint App, a new way to customize SharePoint functionality with SharePoint Server 2013.


  • Overview of Apps for SharePoint
  • Developing Apps for SharePoint

Lab: Creating a Site Suggestions App

  • Creating a New SharePoint App
  • Using the Client-Side Object Model

Module 4: Client-Side SharePoint Development

This module describes how to use JavaScript Client Object Model (CSOM), managed code CSOM and the REST API to build SharePoint Apps.


  • Using the Client-Side Object Model for Managed Code
  • Using the Client-Side Object Model for JavaScript
  • Using the REST API with JavaScript

Lab: Using the Client-Side Object Model for Managed Code

  • Add Site Column
  • Add the Mileage Claim Content Type
  • Add the Claims List

Lab: Using the REST API with JavaScript

  • Creating List Relationships
  • Add Vote Recording
  • Display Votes for Each Suggestion

Module 5: Developing Azure hosted Provider Apps

This module will provide detailed understanding of hosting provider hosted app on Microsoft Azure.


  • Overview of Remote Hosted Apps
  • Configuring Remote Hosted Apps on Microsoft Azure
  • Developing Remote Hosted Apps

Lab: Configuring a Provider Hosted SharePoint App

  • Configuring an Azure environment
  • Creating a Provider Hosted App

Lab: Developing a Provider Hosted SharePoint App

  • Working with SharePoint Data
  • Using the Chrome Control

Module 6: Publishing and Distributing Apps

This module introduces the App Catalog so users to locate, purchase, and install apps easily. The students learn how to package and publish Apps to the App Catalog.


  • Understanding the App Management Architecture
  • Understanding App Packages
  • Publishing Apps
  • Installing, Updating, and Uninstalling Apps

Lab: Publishing an App to a Corporate Catalog

  • Creating an App Catalog
  • Creating an App Package
  • Publishing an App Package

Lab: Installing, Updating, and Uninstalling Apps

  • Installing an App
  • Upgrading an App
  • Removing an App

Module 7: SharePoint Framework

  • Introduction of SPFX, tool chain and set up of dev environment
  • Yeoman, gulp and Node.js and web pack
  • Typescript
  • Develop WebPart & extensions
  • Understanding property pane
  • Performing CRUD operations using SharePoint Framework.
  • Using React & Office UI Fabric in SPFx WebPart
  • Using Microsoft Graph API in SPFx (MSGraphClient)

Module 8: Azure WebJobs
In this module, you will learn how to create an Azure WebJobs for SharePoint Online.

  • Introduction to Azure WebJobs
  • Azure WebJobs Features
  • Creating and debugging Azure WebJobs
  • Lab exercise

Module 9: Developing Remote Event Receivers
In this module you will learn how to create a remote event receiver.

  • Create a remote event receiver in SharePoint Add-ins
  • Lab exercise

Module 10: Microsoft PowerApps

  • Introduction to power apps
  • Using power apps with SharePoint Online
  • Generate an app
  • Explore a generated app
  • Customize the app
  • Explore app formulas
  • On-Premise data gateway
  • Add a data source and flow
  • Demo – Connect to SharePoint online list
  • Demo – Connect to On-Premise SQL server using On-Premise Gateway The common data service
  • Understand common data service entities
  • Create custom entities
  • Manage entity data
  • Common data service security
  • Lab exercises

Module 11: Microsoft Flow

  • Introduction to Flow
  • Using Flow with SharePoint Online
  • Activity, Trigger, Actions, Conditions and Scheduling options
  • Process a list of items
  • Manage connections
  • Use data operations
  • Add data to the common data service
  • Creating Multistep Flows
  • Looping through data
  • Conditional execution
  • Exception handling
  • Using Connectors with Flow
  • Lab exercises

Module 12: Introduction to Power BI

  • Introduction to Power BI
  • Using  Power BI with SharePoint Online
  • Power BI – Lab
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