Course AZ-700: Designing and Implementing Microsoft Azure Networking Solutions

Course AZ-700: Designing and Implementing Microsoft Azure Networking Solutions

Course Outline:

Module 01 : Introduction to Azure Virtual Networks

L01 – Explore Azure Virtual Networks
L02 – Configure public IP services
L03 – Design name resolution for your virtual network
L04 – Enable cross-virtual network connectivity with peering
L05 – Implement virtual network traffic routing
L06 – Configure internet access with Azure Virtual NAT

Module 02 : Design and implement hybrid networking 

L01 – Design and implement Azure VPN Gateway
L02 – Connect networks with Site-to-site VPN connections
L03 – Connect devices to networks with Point-to-site VPN connections
L04 – Connect remote resources by using Azure Virtual WANs
L05 – Create a network virtual appliance (NVA) in a virtual hub

Module 03 : Design and implement Azure ExpressRoute

L01 – Explore Azure ExpressRoute
L02 – Design an ExpressRoute deployment
L03 – Configure peering for an ExpressRoute deployment
L04 – Connect an ExpressRoute circuit to a virtual network
L05 – Connect geographically dispersed networks with ExpressRoute global reach
L06 – Improve data path performance between networks with ExpressRoute FastPath
L07 – Troubleshoot ExpressRoute connection issues

Module 04 : Load balance non-HTTP(S) traffic in Azure

L01 – Explore load balancing
L02 – Design and implement Azure load balancer using the Azure portal
L03 – Explore Azure Traffic Manager

Module 05 : Load balance HTTP(S) traffic in Azure

L01 – Design Azure Application Gateway
L02 – Configure Azure Application Gateway
L03 – Design and configure Azure Front Door

Module 06 : Design and implement network security

L01 – Secure your virtual networks in the Azure portal
L02 – Deploy Azure DDoS Protection by using the Azure portal
L03 – Deploy Network Security Groups by using the Azure portal
L04 – Design and implement Azure Firewall
L05 – Secure your networks with Azure Firewall Manager
L06 – Implement a Web Application Firewall on Azure Front Door

Module 07 : Design and implement private access to Azure services

L01 – Define Private Link Service and private endpoint
L02 – Explain virtual network service endpoints
L03 – Integrate Private Link with DNS
L03 – Integrate your App Service with Azure virtual networks

Module 08 : Design and implement network monitoring

L01 – Monitor your networks using Azure monitor
L02 – Monitor your networks using Azure network watcher

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