Python for AWS

[Webinar] Python for AWS

In this webinar, I have tried to explain AWS CLI and the need of AWS SDK i.e. Boto3, a Python library to write useful scripts from listing a resource to creating, deleting, updating any resources, etc. Also, you might be interested in my other webinar on How to start a career in Cybersecurity as well So, What I covered in …

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how to build career in cybersecurity

[Webinar] How to build or start a career in Cybersecurity

I got an opportunity to share my experience and help people through my webinar on “How to build career in Cybersecurity” on 20th June, 2020 through Flexmind platform. It was overall a good experience to understand what they are looking for and how much I am of help to them. Attendees asked some good questions during the webinar and they …

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