How to show RSS feed in PowerApps

How to show RSS feed in PowerApps

Today we will see how to show RSS Feed in powerapps using gallery control. Most of the time we need to add RSS feeds from external sites to our site or Application. I will be using the same canvas application for this blog which I used in my earlier blog.

Before we see consuming the feed in powerapps, we need to find the RSS feed of an external site.

Step 1 : Get the URL for the RSS Feed

Online we can find number of sites which will guide you how to get the URL for the RSS feed. Here I am using the feed url of our site i.e.

Step 2 : Add data connection for RSS

After finding the feed url we will add RSS data connection using new connection shown below.

Figure 1

Step 3 : Adding gallery control and consuming the feed URL

After configuring the data connection we can add a gallery control to our screen where we want to show the results. Using gallery control we consume the feed URL to show the results. Write below formula to populate the items in gallery control.


Figure 2

Now we will modify our gallery to look good. In this example I have added hmtl and text input control to show summary and date respectively. Formula and setting is shown in below figure.

Figure 3

Once you completed the above steps; you are ready with below app.

See, how easy it was to show a RSS feed in PowerApps. For more stuffs on PowerApps, please subscribe our site. Also you can suggest your ideas or contact us if you need any help on PowerApps projects.

You can always visit to the link for quick glance on formulas.

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