Sanjeev Jaiswal

He is a seasoned professional having 12+ years of experience in Cybersecurity, Cloud Security, and Python for automation. He teaches topics in Cybersecurity and DevSecOps i.e. AWS Security Hands-on, Terraform, Container Security, Security Automation using Python, Python for AWS etc. He is an author and technical reviewers of many technical books associated with PackT and Manning. When he gets free time, he uses to work on his github projects which you can check out here: Sanjeev's Git hub repo

how to build career in cybersecurity

[Webinar] How to build or start a career in Cybersecurity

I got an opportunity to share my experience and help people through my webinar on “How to build career in Cybersecurity” on 20th June, 2020 through Flexmind platform. It was overall a good experience to understand what they are looking for and how much I am of help to them. Attendees asked some good questions during the webinar and they …

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Why you should learn Cloud Computing now

Well, it is now a very common question in present Why should I learn Cloud Computing now. I will mention the very basics of all the concepts and terminologies that would help you to learn Cloud Computing concepts easily. So that we can learn more about Cloud Service providers and their services in-depth in upcoming videos and blogs. Reasons to …

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