Angular JS Training

AngularJS training by Flexmind

AngularJS training

Audience(s): Developers
Delivery method:
Instructor-led (classroom)
Duration: 24 hours

About this Course

The AngularJS training provides participants with the necessary knowledge and skills required to build rich internet applications using cutting edge RIA framework & covers the concepts of Angular like directives, routes, filters, services and factors that help you build rich user interface web apps.

Course Objective:
1. Understand the JavaScript MVC Framework
2. Have better clarity around Angular JS and its uses
3. Understand Dependency Injection
4. Create controllers, learn about two way binding and how to share data between controllers
5. Learn about Routes, Nested Routes, Directives, Filters
6. Create custom directive and isolate scopes in directive
7. Create custom filters
8. Understand the need for modules
9. Understand the usage of angular-ui, ng-grid and angular-translate

Course Outline:
Introduction to JavaScript MVC Framework & Angular JS
About Angular JS
Uses of AngularJS
Introduction to JavaScript MVC Framework
Write your first program in Angular JS
Comparison between JavaScript Frameworks

AngularJS Building Blocks
Controller Component
Model Component
View Component
DI in AngularJS

Anatomy of an AngularJS Applications
Creating Boundaries using ng-app
Model View Controller
Templates and Data Binding
Repeating elements in templates
Using Expressions, CSS Classes and Styles
Using Controllers for UI responsibility separation
Responding to model changes

Data Binding in AngularJS
Understanding Built-in Directives
Scope resolution
One way and Two way data binding

Using Filters
Filters Overview
Understanding Filter Expressions
Building custom Filters

Services Overview
Modularity using Services
Injecting Services

Directives Overview
Creating Directives
The Directive Definition Object
Compilation and Linking
Creating Components

Communicating with Servers
Communicating over $http
Configuring the requests
Sending Http Headers
Caching Responses
Request and Response Transformation
Using RESTful Resources
Communication over WebSockets

Unit Testing
Testing Models using Jasmine
Test considerations for Directives and Filters
Using Angular Mocks

Getting started with Node.js
Installing Node.js
Understanding Node Package Manager (NPM)
Using Build systems



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