Azure DevOps has a new feature Azure DevOps Auto Redeployment in Release Pipeline that we can use to auto redeploy the failed deployments with very little downtime.

Generally, we will come to know about this situation when there are deployment failures and there might be downtime and we would not be able to overcome this until we manually deploy it.


Below are the steps that we need to achieve the same .

  1. Login to Azure Devops and go to the release pipeline .

2. Click on the release pipeline edit and then change the settings on the stages.


3. Click on the post deployment approval step and then check on the below option called as “ Auto Redeploy Trigger “.


4. When we enable that step of Auto redeploy we will be able to see 2 options shown below.


5. Now we can save it and then start a new release so that we can make the first release successful and then we will try to do a failed redeployment.


6. Now , after the successful deployment , we will edit the step to make it failure so that the previous deployment will be automatically deployed.


7. We have edited the steps to make it failure , so that we can witness the auto redeployment that is happening.


8. Now, we can see that Release#11 is running and it will get failed since we made the changes to make it fail, but after it gets failed we can see that the Release#10 will kick start to auto redeployment of previous successful release.


This is the advantage of the Azure DevOps so that we don’t need to worry if something goes wrong during our PROD deployments as the tool will automatically reverse the last successful deployment on its own.

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