In this blog ,we are going to discuss details about Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) template to create your first Hyperledger Fabric (HLF) consortium network on Microsoft Azure. Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) template allows you to deploy the HLF blockchain network .


1- Azure Subscription ,If you do not have an Azure subscription, you can get a free Microsoft Azure account here .
2- The version supported by this template is Hyperledger Fabric 1.4.4 .

Let’s configure our Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain network by following steps.

  1. Deploy the orderer/peer organisation
  2. Build the consortium
  3. Run native HLF operations

Step- 1 – Login to Azure portal . Choose create resource option.

Hyperledger Fabric consortium using Azure Kubernetes Service

Step-2 – Choose Blockchain category and our target template — Hyperledger Fabric on Azure Kubernetes Service — will be shown. It’s available in preview mode (Azure customers for evaluation purposes).

Hyperledger Fabric consortium using Azure Kubernetes Service

Step-3 -The template deployment screen will be shown.Provide the required information as below:

Hyperledger Fabric consortium using Azure Kubernetes Service

Step-4 Choose Next: Fabric Settings button below screen will be shown.

Step-5 – Select AKS cluster settings .

After providing all the above details, select the Review + create tab.
The review and create triggers the validation for the values you provide

If your arguments are correct, HLF will be setup for ordering service .

Step- 6 Now we have to deploy a Peer node. The steps are similar to the ones above, except for the Fabric Network Component option on the Fabric settings tab, where now we have to select the Peer Nodes option instead of Ordering service.

Note that we have a few different options that have to be informed now as shown below:

Click Review + create again, provided that it’s also OK, click Create.

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