I got an opportunity to share my experience and help people through my webinar on “How to build career in Cybersecurity” on 20th June, 2020 through Flexmind platform. It was overall a good experience to understand what they are looking for and how much I am of help to them. Attendees asked some good questions during the webinar and they were very interactive through the session.

Setting up the context

I set the context very clear that it is not something which we will give you in-depth knowledge. It is to make you understand where you can see yourself as a good fit based on your interest and skill sets. Based on your interest like towards Hacking or Secure coding or you want to switch from NoC/SoC to other security domain like Network Security or Cloud Security. This webinar would give you an idea how to start and from where to start. Links for books, courses, certification would add more weightage and one can easily prepare without any help. If you follow along the contents of this webinar.

how to build career in cybersecurity

What I covered in “How to build or start a career in Cybersecurity”

In this webinar I tried to explain very minimal skills that one must learn and practice to excel in Cybersecurity domain. Then explained what are the various job profile you would come across but not limited to. I tried to explain 5 top and common job profiles out of other job profile. There are:

  1. Web Security
  2. Network Security
  3. Application Security
  4. Cloud Security
  5. DevSecOps

I tried to clear some of the questions which were asked during the presentation of these slides. And I must say they were very interested and asked real problem facing questions. I was very happy to respond them at their satisfaction level. Then moved on towards

  1. Various known and common security tools. Again, it was just the introduction of tools and you would need to learn more. But this would give you a good kickstart.
  2. Why hands-on is important to get success in this domain and what are the available platform to practice the concepts that you learned so far
  3. You should keep building network with like minded people, same interest etc.
  4. Why one should join newsletter, bookmark security blog etc.
  5. What are the online platform where you can start learning like coursera, edX, Udacity, Cybrary etc.
  6. Shown few books which might be of your interest.

Here is the presentation that I discussed in today’s session on “How to build a career in Cybersecurity”

How to build career in Cybersecurity

Many people showed an interest in recorded session as well. So, here is the recorded version published in Youtube

Something that you can do

And finally, what you should do to get career guidance or any help in this domain from me or Flexmind team. You can contact at [email protected]

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