Hello everyone! In many cases, Most of the time we need Conditional Visibility in PowerApps. This is a very common scenario where we need to make the gallery appear based on drop-down selection. In this blog, we will create a simple employee form with a conditional appearance of the gallery. From the below GIF screenshot, you can see the appearance of the gallery based on drop-down selection. You can visit the link to see more articles on PowerApps.

Conditional Visibility in PowerApps

Figure 1.

Let’s start developing the form.

The conditional appearance of gallery

Conditional Visibility in PowerApps

Figure 2.

Calculation of Age based on DOB field

Conditional Visibility in PowerApps

Figure 3.

Making textbox Multi-line for Address field

Figure 4.

After doing the above steps we are ready to launch our Employee Form. To learn more PowerApps formulas you can visit the link.

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On 22nd October 2018, Microsoft has made SharePoint Server 2019 generally available, Ranjan Pandey, my colleague at Flexmind is soon going to write an article on “New Features of SharePoint 2019”.

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